Tacet” 2009, by Ulla Rauter.


»GreenScreen (extrActor)«, 2005, is a greenscreen made of hydroponically grown grass which allows the viewers to insert themselves into virtual video backgrounds, which they can choose via remote control. By Benjamin Lee Martin.

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“The Address” by Bani Abidi. In the tradition of trompe loiel paintings used as backdrops in Portrait studios, Bani Abidi commissioned a background painting resembling the set used for televised Presidential speeches. The image of this emtpty set was then displayed on TV sets in various public spaces in Lahore.

am.jpg  desktop-bliss.jpg

After Microsoft” by Goldin+Senneby. (Photograph “Bliss” by Charles O’Rear. The image was used as the default computer wallpaper for the “Luna” theme, which was included with Microsoft Windows XP).