»Magic 8-Ball Icosahedral Die«, 2008,


»3d California Flag«, 2008 (made with models from 3d warehouse) by Guthrie Lonergan.


»Tierfick« (1998) and further videos by Gelitin.


Starmaker (dual medium format slide/audio installation) entangles the realms of natural and cultural history and science fiction so that we can appreciate the oddities of both. A medium format slideshow of images – including dioramas in the American Museum of Natural History, rose farming in Ecuador, Dutch tulip fields, container ships and the coastline of the UK – is accompanied by field recordings and electronic sounds sampled from sci-fi movies. A version of the soundtrack to Starmaker can be listened to online. By Heather & Ivan Morison.

A further project is a 80 minute sound work for outdoor speakers Birds of North West Ecuador a collection of announced recordings of all the birds that Ivan spotted whilst birdwatching in the cloud forests of Ecuador.

bear6.jpg  bear7.jpg  bear3.jpg

“Bear Studies” and

CF_Lola.jpg LOLA_02.JPG

“Lola Isern” by Carlee Fernandez.


Periscope-sculpture. Vertical architecture lined with mirrors.


Fish, Bird, Deer, Bear. Sequence of cutouts in children book principle. By Gabriel Lester.


Pictures made in Japanese photobooths by Michael B Williams. »you get your photo taken. then you are shown your photo on a screen and you can draw on it with a magic pen and then you can print it out.«


And paintings by Michael B Williams.