“A lad of fire (menswear bench, or a bold stripe suit calls for plain shirts and un-patterned ties)”, 2011 by Helen Marten.

“Ad-Bench” by Finn Magee.


“Jaspisbänke”, 2005 by Michael Beutler.

“Untitled (M. Breuer-B3-Wassily-Strecher)”, 2007 by Michael Gumhold.


»Movements repeated to create a social space«, 2002-2008, a book by Victor Boullet.

prayer kneeler.jpg

»Prayer Kneeler«, 2000, by Cindy Loehr.


»Equilibrium« (2007) by Søren Assenholt.


In the intervention »Trial-Living in Slubfurt«, the loggia at the Place of Heroes in Slubfurt* is directed westward. Folding-stools, table and grill-ton are ready to use. Interested parties are given a key to gain access to the loggia nearby the monument against Fascism. The walls are painted in the prefered colour of the temporary user (*Slubfurt is an artificial word, a combination of Slub(ice, Poland) and (Frank)furt at the river Oder).


In the intervention »Pulheim Castling« two square areas (5×5 meters) are selected. One is located in front of the Pulheim high school. The other is located in front of the abbey in the district of Brauweiler, a distance of 5 kilometres. With the help of a professional archaeologist the sites are measured, meticulously documented and then their locations are exchanged. Road surfacing, grass, asphalt, bicycle stands, a piece of fence and garbage bins change location. The cobblestones and their white marking lines are clasped in a steel girder for transport. They are carefully re-aligned in their new location.


The portable park bench »TRASBA« was designed with two configurations in mind. In it’s furniture-configuration the TRASBA provides seating space for up to 6 persons. In it’s mobile configuration it rests on the shoulders of one strong carrier-person. It can be moved effortlessly over several kilometres. All projects by Christian Hasucha.


“Lichtkegel”, “Sockel für einen Baum”, “Halbzeit – Mein Volumen verlässt einen Stuhl”, “Rohrverdickung”,


“Elfmeter”, “Hundeknochen” and “Spray” by Markus Hofer.


»Recombinant Place: Cloaked Mirror Body« is a bench derivative of a u-shaped amphi theatre made of glass fiber sandwich with vinylester over a divinycell core. By Knut Åsdam.


Objects and installations by Jeroen Brouwer.


»Lignes d’air« is an urban furniture installation by Dominique Leroy that captures vibrations while creating new acustic habitats.

a-stuehle.jpg  Stuehle12.JPG

“Ohne Titel”,

a-max1min1.jpg  a-max1min2.jpg  a-max1min4.jpg

“Max. 1 Minute” and

a-7-stock1.jpg  a-7-stock2.jpg  a-7-stock3.jpg  a-7-stock4.jpg

video “7. Floor” by Christian Engelmann.


“Behind the Wall” by Jordi Canudas.