»Rock My Religion«, 1982-1984 by Dan Graham.

The Mystery of God Revealed“, 2004 by Heidrun Holzfeind. The video tells the story of Hal Beckoff, a 62-year-old singer, actor and writer from New York. In 1997 he quits his 10-year job as a legal secretary at a law firm in Manhattan to devote all his time to writing his second book, a bible interpretation called “The Mystery of God Revealed”.

robotlab, “The Bible Scribe”, 2007.

alphabiblecoverL.jpg alphabiblecloseup.jpg

»Alphabetized Bible«, 2006, by Tauba Auerbach. See also »Bible«, 1997, by Rory Macbeth.


»Expulsion 2.0«, 2008,


»Rainbow Ring«, 2008 by Aids 3D.


»Thought Bubble (oh god(Nietzche’s mum(Joke)))«, 2004

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»Bible«, 1997. Every word in the Bible arranged in alphabetical order and printed. By Rory Macbeth.


»The Elliott Condensed Bible« is a Bookwork by Neva Elliott, the content of which as created from the editing of the New King James Bible (the version used by the Gideons). Chapters contained are: Do, Do Not, Shall and Shall not. Each chapter contains the sentences or parts of sentences from the bible which contain these words.