“Syncretism II”, 2011 by Jofroi Amaral. Bicycle crank guilded with gold leaf.

»Untitled (similar but fundamentally different)«, 2008 by Ariel Schlesinger.

2.4_interference_interaction” by Michelle Teran.

»Peugeot Taipan, Commemorative Model (Discontinued Line)«, 1999 by Ricky Swallow.

»Bicycles«, 2007 by James Angus.

»Custom Rim Job«, 2007 by Olav Westphalen.


From the 1st until the 31st of July, Lenka Clayton and James Price will be travelling the 1247 kilometres between the village of James, France and the village of Lenka, Slovakia by bicycle, train and boat.


Bicycletron by Gordan Savicic


»Constantly moving whilst standing still«, 2005 by Jonathan Monk.


“Movement #1913–2007” by Michael Gumhold. See also “Readymade Recycled” by Michael Marriot.


»There is no way to go now«, 2007 by Kristof Kintera.


»Flaga«, 2000 (A Fiat built in Turin, driven to Poland, and reconfigured with Polish parts)


»24 hr. Tangenziale«, 2006 (A replica of the radiator from the Bisiluro designed by Carlo Mollino and Mario Damonte for the 750cc class at the 1955 Le Mans 24 hour race, fitted to a 1986 FIAT Panda and driven 24 hours on the 28th and 29th of March 2006 around the Tangenziale, Turin)


»Tabernas Desert Run«, 2004 (The Tabernas desert in Spain is crossed on an improvised cell powered bicycle. The only waste product the vehicle produced was water, which he used to paint an illustration of a cactus.)


»Carbon«, 2003. By Simon Starling.


A project and video by Neal Beggs.

handmadeshoes.jpg  Handcrafted BMX Frames.jpg

“Handmade Shoes” and “Handcrafted BMX Frames” by Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel.


“Berg”, “Meteor”, “Infinity” and “Selections from my wardrobe” by Anna Sew Hoy.


Active shining mudguards“ by Matthias Ries.Video.


»Applied Geometry« (2004) and »The best circular bike ever made« (2003).


»Harness« (2006, A mouse cage mated with a music box. The compulsive energy of a running mouse generates Brahm’s Lullaby) and »Vacancy« (2006, altered toaster) by Robert Wechsler.


»Powerbike« is a mixture of bike and playground slide by Olga Kisseleva.


»Roue de bicyclette« by Bold Inc.


“Readymade Recycled”. Marcel Duchamp homage, a re-interpretation of his first readymade, Bicycle Wheel, 1913. The bicycle wheel has been replaced with a light fitting, to make an adjustable reading lamp or bedside table that incorporates a surface for a book and a glass of water or wine.


“ChipChopSliceServe”. Chopping / serving platter which, after cheese, doubles up as ping pong bat. Projects by Michael Marriott.

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