“Moustache-Eagle”, 2008 by Caroline Achaintre. Handtufted wool.

»Oiseaux – Vögel«, 1996/99 by Jochen Lempert.

Picture 18

»Salutations de l’utopie féministe«, 1996 by Sue Bustin.


»Untitled (Nest)«, 2010 made by two zebra finches, by Björn Braun.

»Untitled (Good times, bad Times)«, 2007 by Anna Jermolaewa.

»LouLou II«, 2001 by Rémy Markowitsch.


»Cat’s Concert«, 1635 by David Teniers the Younger.

“15.08.69”, 2008 by Silke Wagner.

“Zwei Jahre, ein Monat und zwei Tage (Two years, one month and two days)”, 2007 by Christian Mayer. Slide projection.


»Still-Life of Dead Birds and Hunting Weapons«, 1660 by Willem van Aelst.


»The Boarders at Rest«, 1971-72, collected and taxidermised birds dressed in handmade wool outfits. By Annette Messager.

»Birds and Bricks«, 2008, by Frances Stark.

“Birds”, 2006 by Carsten Höller.

»The Street of Two Birds«, 2006 by Sudsiri Pui-Ock.

“UHU”, 2007 by Fabian Marti.

“Dawn Chorus”, 2006 by Marcus Coates.

»Birdshit«, 2007 by Dan Colen.

»souvenir de chine«, 2008 by Körner Union for Larytta.

“Bird”, 2004 by Christian Kampschroer. Video.


“Call – Response” by Hiroyo Tanaka and Macoto Cuhara.

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