»Archive Project-#009«, 2011 by Seung Woo Back.

From “Vandalism Series”, 1973-75 by John Divola.

Documentation of “Repeat, Rehearse, Replay: A Conversation“, 2011 by Ruth Proctor.

»Manipulating Mass-produced Idealized Objects«, 1990 by Mike Kelley.

»Mail Art«, 1973 by Cosey Fanni Tutti.

“Passive design”, 2009 by Markéta Othová.

»Catwalk«, 2007 by Sarah Dornner.

Still from “New again”, 2011 by Lucy Coggle.

»Hand/Sculpture (Modular)«, 2011 by Talia Chetrit.

“Un’Espressione Geografica” (Exhibition view), 2011 by Isabelle Cornaro. Plaster, acrylic paint on paper.

“Power Boards”, 2011 by Michele Di Menna. BW copy, glitter, metal, pasteboard.

“Your country doesn’t exist”, 2004 by Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson. Collection of 35 emptied cans plus one full, with stickers in different languages.

Evening Drawings“, 1996–2004 by Dag Erik Elgin.

»technical compositions«, 2011 by Chris Wiley.

»Untitled (The tree)«, 2010 by Ibro Hasanović.

»Untitled (Generation Series), Mother and Daughter«, 2004 by Arwa Abouon.

“Contemporary Designs”, 2011 by Jacob Dahl Jürgensen.

“Untitled”, 2010 by Matthew Smith.

»Intercommunication Devices«, 2008 by Bani Abidi.

»Untitled, (N°4)«, 2009 by Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys.

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