“What Is Seen Is Lost”, 2009 Alexandra Navratil.

“Sans titre (Projection Mercator)”, 2007 by Nicolas Milhé.


“Kilometers of blank audio tape” – Installation/object consisting of 750 blank audio tapes. The common leght of all tape makes 101 kilometers and 300 meters – an approximate distance between main Vilnius’ and Kaunas’ exhibition spaces.

bald3.jpg bald2.jpg bald1.jpg

“Bumsteinas plays Baldessari sings LeWitt”. Video. Documentation video of the real time instrumentation of John Baldessari’s voice performance of Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art. See also: João Onofre and John Baldessari.

still alive 2.jpg still alive 1.jpg

Video “Still Alive”. All Projects by Arturas Bumsteinas.


»Demonstration about Nothing« (2007) by NODE in collaboration with Kristjan Mändmaa and students from the Estonian Academy of Arts.


“Everywhere but Nowhere” by Heassen Chung.


»Virgin« (unprinted newspaper) and


»S/T« (weaved newspapers) by Jaime Pitarch. See also Dan Halter.