“Portrait of Ignacy Julian Cejzych”, 2011 by Liudvikas Buklys.

»Psycho 7«, 2010 by Erwin Wurm.

25_Steven Parrino_Void Vortex, 1996

»Void Vortex«, 1996 by Steven Parrino.

»Richard Rogers«, 2009 by Xavier Veilhan.


»Futuristic Painting«, 2006 by Richard Aldrich.

»Tapis de lecture«, 2000–2007 by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster .

»Cool Mint«, 2010 (mouthwash, stainless steel) by Steve Bishop.


“Roserosa”, 2009 and “Ivory snow”, 2009 by Fabio Marco Pirovino.


“Lumières”, 2000 by Christian Boltanski.

Homegrown time

“Homegrown time”, 2008 by Fabian Seiz.

“Whose Afraid of Blue Yellow and Red”, 2008 by Santiago Cucullu.

»Makeshift Gateway«, 2007 by Nicolas Deshayes.

“The Blue Project – Seunghuyk and His Blue Things”, 2007 from “The Pink & Blue Project”, 2005-ongoing by Jeong Mee Yoon.

“Transparent soil and the gardens of tomorrow” by Tomas Saraceno.

“Egg Head and the Secret Cinema (Buoy I)”, 2007 by Lisa Williamson.

“Next Level”, 2009 by Bernhard Garnicnig.

“Five words in bue neon”, 2007 by Liudvikas Buklys. See also Gertrude Stein and João Onofre.

“Rehab”, 2007 by James Woodfill.

»As If Pulled By A Magnet«, 2009 by Alexandr Skarlinski.

“Screen Savers”, 2008 by Eve Essex. Still from a set of animated screen savers.

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