KnockOff (Berlin), 2012 by Dora&Maja.

»Maria«, 2002 by Melanie Bonajo.

»Libido Uprising«, 1989 by Jo Spence.

Season two episode three of »There’s No “I” in Trisha« by Trisha Baga.

The Kiss“, 2007/2010 by Maria Anwander. French kiss on wall and museum label.

»A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z«, 2011, the alphabet in Morse code transmitted by the man into the woman. By Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkácová.

»consumption junction«, 2010 by Ash Sechler.

»The Opposite of Backwards«, 2008 by Alicia Frankovich.

»Flétrissure«, 2010-2011 by Agnes Geoffray.

»On Misunderstanding«, 2010 by Margrét Bjarnadóttir, with set-design by Elín Hansdóttir.

»Un-retouched«, 2011 by BERNADETTE CORPORATION.

»Accumulation«, 1971 by Trisha Brown.

»Psycho 7«, 2010 by Erwin Wurm.


»Gibellina«, 2008 by Raphaël Zarka.

»Silverback«, 2009 by Keith Farquhar.


Photograph from »Aktion«, 1965 by Rudolf Schwarzkogler.


»Why does it hurt when my heart misses the beat (up)«, 2009 by Julian Göthe.


»Women Are Coming!«, 1976 by Duba Sambolec.


»Robin V«, 2006–2007 by Berlinde De Bruyckere.


“Stapel (Stack)” and “Klumpen (Chunk)” from the exhibition “Atlas”, Secession, 2010 by Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch. “Klumpen (Chunk)” is a concrete cast of a hollow in the wall of the Secession. Nicole Six spent 24 hours in this space, and the sculpture thus also represents the minimal dimensions of her body.

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