Woman Sculpture“, 2002 by Baptiste Debombourg.

Young Guns”, 2005 by Frances Goodman. Video. Projector, Amplifier, DVD Player, 4 Speakers.

»Body Master«, 1994-1997 by Zbigniew Libera.

“Arbeit an Bildern/Bodybuilding”, 1994/1997 by Frank Fietzek.

Picture 81.png

»J&K in Egypt« work in progress by Janne Schäfer & Kristine Agergaard.


»Security« by Melanie Manchot.

IWCDTWCDA-proto1-large copy.jpg

»If We Can Do This We Can Do Anything (prototype no. 3)«. Jerome Harrington has designed a communal weight lifting device usable by four individuals at one time. It has been developed with the aim of encouraging group co-operation and forging new relationships between individuals.


»Powerbike« is a mixture of bike and playground slide by Olga Kisseleva.

Erich2005 copy.jpg

»Bodybuilders« by Richard Renaldi.

fitness01 Kopie.jpg

»Miss Fitness« (international competition Paris 1999) by Jurgen Huiskes.


Corrections 1 and


Corrections 2, a videodocumentation of the artist’s circumcision. By Rassim aka Krassimir Krastev.