“Open Book #7 (Light Years)”, 2011 Anne Collier.

Detail from »What Dust Will Rise?«, 2012 by Michael Rakowitz.

»Je meurs trop«, 1977 by Robert Filliou.

»La société du spectacle brickbat«, 2006 by Claire Fontaine.

»Artist’s Book Club: Hakuruberri Fuin No Monogatari«, 2010 by Simon Fujiwara.

Book Exchange“, 2010 by Warren Neidich.

I Asked My Friends To Describe An Artwork To Me“, 2008 by Petra Feriancova.

“Open Book #6 (George Platt Lynes)”, 2011 by Anne Collier.

»The Library«, 2010 with 590 soviet books by Rossella Biscotti.

»Ghost«, 2010 (Seventy books form this archive of evidences of paranormal encounters gathered and registered by Darren Mann, head of the Paranormal Database UK. The sources include people´s descriptions, historic accounts and hearsay. The books contain around 10.000 records from all areas of the UK. The descriptions include poltergeists, dwarfs, headless knights on horses, lonesome ships, etc.) by Daniel Gustav Cramer.

“Thank You for A Lovely Time”, 2010 by Ama Saru & Hsiao Chen. Books, clock hands, book stands.

»Painting 1 analysis for an Institutional responsibility«, 2011 by Paolo Chiasera. Download.

»Untitled Books«, 2010 by Joshua Petherick.

»Vermeer Book«, (Pencil on paper in bound book), 2010 by Ciprian Mureşan.

»A Room of One’s Own/A Thousand Libraries«, 2006, is a compilation of all the marginal notes made by readers in the Swedish library copies of Virginia Woolf ’s 1929 pamphlet A Room of One’s Own. By Kajsa Dahlberg.

»BOOKSHELF«, 2010 by collectif_fact.

»Portrait de groupe avec dames, le pont IV«, 2005 by Aloïs Godinat.

Picture 2-1

»Untitled (Reference Library)«, 2010 by Lance Wakeling. The artist uses an internet-based trophy-making service to create trophies, one for each book he read in 2010.

»HEBREW PAINTINGS VITRINE #1«, 2010 by Asher Penn.

»On how my brazilian library feeds itself with fragments of a concrete reality«, 2008 by Carlos Garaicoa.

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