Belle Haleine. Eau de Voilette, 1921 by Marcel Duchamp.

»In Touch«, 2012 by Alex Turgeon.

Drunken Clarity“, 2011 by Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro. Broken beer bottles, putty, 24 carat gold, gum arabic.

»Molotov Cocktail«, 2007 (Glass bottle gilded in platinum and gold, cork, silk, filled with Revolution! fragrance) by Lisa Kirk.

»Chinese Molotov Cocktails«, 2008 by R. Lloyd Ming.

»Correspondences«, 2008 (Molotov cocktail and letter) by Abbas Akhavan.

“A lad of fire (menswear bench, or a bold stripe suit calls for plain shirts and un-patterned ties)”, 2011 by Helen Marten.

From the series “Firm Being”, 2009 by Pamela Rosenkranz. 50cl PET bottle, paper, silicon with pigments.

»412 Lieter bis zum Anfang«, 2008, 555 kg of grinded champagne bottles by Alicja Kwade.

“45º 46’ 48. 94’’ N 8º 02’ 26. 11’’ W”, 2008 by Carlo Ferraris.


Instructions for making the “Ecolo” flower-vase, 1995 by Enzo Mari.


“Die Farbe der Meere (The color of the seas)” by Kirsten Pieroth. Water samples from the Red Sea, the White Sea, the Black Sea and the Yellow Sea.

»A Rocket Named Vertigo«, 2007. A water kettle gets turnet into a rocket according to the prinziple of bottlerockets. The vessel has a total volume of 350 litres, filled with approximately 100 litres of water and 6,5 bar at the last try seen here. By David Moises.


»Palette« (oak), 2007


»Fragments«, 2007 by Nicolas Boulard.


“Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” from the series “In the circle” by Alicja Kwade.


»Kitchen Set«, 2003 by Paul McCarthy.

culbert14.jpg  culbert21.jpg

Worky by Bill Culbert.


“Eternal Solar Corn”, “Airbag Growbag”, “Weather Chair – Solar Dawn”,


“Water Phantom 4″ (string bikinis, sand, gravel, coal, water bottle) and “Ascension Filter (Donau)” (trousers, blazer, chemise, ties, sand, gravel, coal, water dispenser) by Mark Hosking.

shrinkedPETbottle.jpg ikea_diy.jpg

“1,5l PET water bottle transformed to a 0,5l bottle and filled with local tap water from Berlin”, “Ikea DIY”,

coca_cola_condensation_cube.jpg closed_biosphere.jpg

“Coca Cola Condensation Cube” (refers to Hans Haacke) and “Closed Biosphere” by Tue Greenfort.


Coca-Cola Alcohol Distiller and Coca-Cola Alcohol Bottle by Fred Pradeau. A huge amount of coca cola is made to rotten. From this, alcohol is produced, using a machine made out of cooking and plumbing tools. See also Helmut Smits.

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