“Sidiemu” by Dingdingsidian.


“Eternal Solar Corn”, “Airbag Growbag”, “Weather Chair – Solar Dawn”,


“Water Phantom 4″ (string bikinis, sand, gravel, coal, water bottle) and “Ascension Filter (Donau)” (trousers, blazer, chemise, ties, sand, gravel, coal, water dispenser) by Mark Hosking.


In the project »Corpus« Vidar Hertov investigates diffrent aspects of value. His attempt is to see if it’s possible to do a value transformation from one object to another. Using the car as a precious material and then treating it very ruff to let the material represent the value in the final product.


»The Bowl« by Vidar Hertov.

war_bowl_480.jpg war_bowl_310.jpg

“War Bowl”, a bowl made by melting model soldiers. By Dominic Wilcox.