Czechoslovak Radio, 1968, by Tamás St. Turba.

»Je meurs trop«, 1977 by Robert Filliou.

»La société du spectacle brickbat«, 2006 by Claire Fontaine.

»Mud Brick Spiral« 2012 by Elín Hansdóttir.

»Untitle (Tumor)«, 2010 by André Komatsu.

»Walls of Progress: Materiales de Construccion«, 2011 by Ximena Garrido Lecca.

»If I Had A Heart I Could Love You«, 2011 by Malene Hartmann Rasmussen.

»Red«, 2008 by Šejla Kamerić.


“Lost Mind (Lou Harrison)”, 2009 by Lina Viste Grønli. Belt, teak, screw.

Tiger Stealth“, 2009 by Peter Sandbichler.


»Plan B: Arab nationalism is no good for Plan A«, 2006 by Nemanja Cvijanović.

“Spatial Composition (After K. K.)”, 2009 by Pedro Cabrita Reis. Bricks, acrylic wall paint.


»Réouverture«, 2004 by Izet Sheshivari.


»bricks«, 1999 (multiple photographs of a single brick are manipuated using photoshop in order to create a palette of isometric bricks, each facing a different direction) by Daniel Lefcourt.


»With A Free Smile«, 2007 by Mircea Cantor.

ClfoCatania Kopie.jpg

»Visions Of The World (Catania)«, 2007, and »Brickbats (Taccuini Di Guerra Incivile) PRESENT«, 2007, by Claire Fontaine.

prishtina house 2006.jpg

»Priština House«, 2006, by Marjetica Potrc.

Bild 15.png

»De Batavier« (2006),

Bild 16.png

»Collapsibel Sublet« (2006) by Sanja Medic.


»Book Fort« (2006) by Dash Snow.


Urs Fischer.

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