»www.thirtyfourparkinglots.com«, 2008 by Pascual Sisto.

»Einfühlung«, (2005-2006) by Adrien Missika.

»5 Notable Pavilions«, 2003 – 2005 by Terence Gower.

»spéculations immobilières« by Josué Rauscher (PDF).

»Invisible Cities«, 2004/2005 by Jonas Dahlberg.

»Anarchitekton (Osaka)«, 2004,

»Arabian Stars«, 2005 by Jordi Colomer.


»Multiplies«, 2007 by Nobuhiro Fukui.


»None of the Buildings on Sunset Strip«, 2002 by Jonathan Monk


»Athens Tower (Tenants Lists 1974-2004)«, 2004 by Vangelis Vlahos.

“In the 1960s and 70s capitalism was subject to criticism by conceptual artists like Hans Haacke, Claes Oldenburg, etc. Ironically, critical works from this period are now found in corporate art collections…”

From »On The Prowl« by Miriam Steinhauser.

Picture 51.png

»HQ/Cut-Out Munich IV«, 2006, »HQ/Cut-Out London IV«, 2006 and

Picture 41.png

»Model Headquarter Vavey«, 2006 by Miriam Steinhauser.


Architecture drawings by Fabio Boschieri.

Spomenik3 Kopie.jpg

In »SPOMENIK / The End of History« Jan Kempenaers portrays monuments raised by the communist regime in former Yugoslavia.

prishtina house 2006.jpg

»Priština House«, 2006, by Marjetica Potrc.


»Priština outscirts«




»CLERICALIZATION OF BELGRADE« All images from the Lost Highway Expedition, a multi annual project about “Balkanization” initiated by Centrala Foundation for Future Cities and the School of Missing Studies.

mush-1.jpg Picture 8.png

»Turbo Architecture / A Solid Loss of Memory« by Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss.


»The evolution of street trade« from the »Wild City / Genetics of Uncontrolled Urban Processes« a research into non-planned and barely regulated processes of urban transformations. By examining the city of Belgrade, over the past decade in the wake of the Balkan conflicts, a new physical layer of the contemporary city has been discovered and explored. Its wild topology has developed in opposition to a centralised, directed process of growth. A collaborative project by Ana Dzokic, Milica Topalovic, Marc Neelen and Ivan Kucina.

1898.jpg 1700.jpg

Geographical Analogies # 3 (Yosemite National Park, Bronx, Central Park) and video “Desniansky Raion” by Cyprien Gaillard. Video.

8.jpg 8a.jpg

»Aura Research«, 1994 – 1997. In their photographes of preserved abandoned places and the visualization of the invisible, Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, refer to the so-called phantom-leaf-effect in high-frequence photography, discovered by the russian researchers couple Kirlian in the 30′s of the last century.


Excerpt from “My Temporary Visiting Position From The Sunset Terrace Bar” by Carlo Zanni.

Bild 4.png

»For Sale ll« (2007) by Chus Garcia-Fraile.