»Six Flags«, 2007 by Andra Ursuta.

»Strike Anywhere«, 2007 by Zoë Sheehan Saldaña.

»Western Negative«, 2007 (Still image burned into screen of monitor) by Tom Dale.

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»Waste Man«, 2006, was made over a six-week period at the end of summer 2006 out of about 30 tonnes of waste materials that had been gathered by the Thanet waste disposal services and by local people, and deposited in Dreamland, the area of Margate next to the sea and close to the station that had traditionally been the site of a vast funfair. The piece burnt in 32 minutes, sending showers of sparks over the crowd of spectators. By Antony Gormley.

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»Untitled«, 2006, incinerated laptop by Maria del Carmen Montoya.


»Screen Burn (please wait)«, 2005. Steven Read wrote a software program in Apple II Integer Basic that displays an image on the monitor’s screen. Then he ran the program continuously for about 6 months. The software image was eventually burned into the screen because the internal phosphor compounds which emit light lost their luminosity and left behind a ghostly trace. The ‘please wait’ text is actually an image which took over 1000 lines of software code to create. The old Apple II operating systems (DOS 3.x, ProDOS, etc.) did not come with any font facilities, if you wanted a font you had to code it from scratch.


»Two Keystoned Projectors (one upside down)« (2007) and


»Panasonic TH42PV60 Plasma Screen Burn« (2007) by Cory Arcangel at Galerie Guy Bärtschi.

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“Fake flowers going bad” and


” ..boyz rule..” (in collaboration with A. Kruithof) by Jaap Scheeren.


World’s largest signed and numbered limited edition artwork. In September 2002, ten artists gathered at the Whitechapel gallery to create the largest signed and numbered limited edition artwork of one million. Video.


A stillframe from Wood, a video by Sean Rogg. In certain parts of rural Sweden an old traditional law still stands. If a child under the age of 18 commits a serious offence and is convicted of the crime, he or she is not sent to a correctional facility. Instead, state firemen show up at the child’s home and ceremonially burn the house to the ground. It is hoped that by being made an example of, other parents will keep control of their children’s behaivour. The system seems to work as a house is only burned once every 12 to 15 years.


“Nadine” One photo a day for a year.


“Ninth Ward” Family photo album found near a destroyed home in the Ninth Ward neighborhood, New Orleans. By Kevin Trageser.