Detail from “The Atlantis dialogue”, 2006 by David Lieske.

“I π”, 2008 by Serkan Özkaya.

“Pillar Necklace”, 2005 by Cathy Stafford.

“Untitled 008c/g”, 2007 by Haris Epaminonda. Paper collage.

“Db_Drawing_006”, 2007 by Davide Balliano.

»Lick and Lather«, 1993 by Janine Antoni. 14 portrait busts, cast of a model of the artist herself and mounted on look-a-like ancient classical pedestals. Seven statues were cast in white soap, and the other seven in brown chocolate, and then reshaped by the rather subjective acts which engaged her tongue passing over, and the frothing up of bubbles, fizz, effervesce…


»Untitled (Julius Ceasar…)«, 2008 by Nick van Woert.

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A documentary about the Iranians Jewish community in Los Angeles and


“Real Dolls”, silicone dolls made in California. Both projects by Anoush Abrar.


Life-size wax sculptures. “A Memory of Matter” by Petroc Dragon Sesti.