»Spazio anche piu che tempo«, 1970 by Carol Rama.

»It’s the End for Modern Gratification«, 2011 by Adam Cruickshank.

»Black Light (For Ten Performers)«, 2009-2010 by Nina Canell. Electrical cable (removed from ten households), phosphorescent shrink-tube, 70 cm diameter.

»A Tour of the Atlantic Crossing 1 Transatlantic Submarine Cable«, 2011 performance, encrypted 500 gigabyte portable hard drive by Lance Wakeling.

“Frozen Speaker Cable”, 2007 by Banks Violette. Road case, refrigeration unit, 50 feet of coiled copper tubing.

“Transformation Always Takes Time And Energy”,1998 by Pravdoliub Ivanov.
Hot plates, pots, tea pots, cables, water, electricity, time.

»EPROM«, 2008 by Alberto Tadiello.


“You will hardly know”, 2007 by Håvard Homstvedt.

783.6_1.jpg 783.6_6.jpg

“783.6 cm to 783.83 cm at 70°C” by Ben Woodeson. An induction coil is built around a pillar, as an electrical current is passed, the pillar expands in both width and length as it’s temperature rises to 70°C.


»4-ever« 2006, (modified plug extension) by Chris Henry Clarke


“The Palace at 4 A.M.” by Jon Kessler.


»Now and Forever Original 12” Mix« 2006, broadcast/sound performance by Vanessa O’Reilly.

phil2.jpg   phil6.jpg

“Opticart” (distorted shopping cart, moiré effect lamp) and “Nike (white)” (polystyrene) by Philip Wiegard.

it-is-beginning.jpgi am sick of it all.jpg

“It is beginning” (electronically controlled electric discharge (50.000 V) plug, cable, socket) – video; “I am sick of it all!” (sound, electromechanical instrument, cucumber, plastic bag) – video;


”Conflict of interests” (drill, hoover, microchip contoller, extension cord etc.) – video and
“Something electric” (coconut, cable, microchip controller, excentric AC motor) – video. By
Krištof Kintera.