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»HARD FLIP NOODLE«, 2010 and »PLAY-R GRIP«, 2010 from »A vs B«, a collaboration between Anne de Vries and Billy Rennekamp.

»EPROM«, 2008 by Alberto Tadiello.

“Solo se sei mago”, 2006 (100 kg of white confetti) and

“Plotone”, 2005 (20 air compressed tanks, 20 pressure regulators, 20 distributings, 20 timers, 20 electrovalves, 20 whistles, plastic cables) by Lara Favaretto.


“You will hardly know”, 2007 by Håvard Homstvedt.


»Self Portrait as a Pataphysical Object« (2006) by Torsten Lauschmann.


TV remote control” by Philippe Kindelis. The TV remote control uses the principle of water displacement and the conductive properties of water to connect different cables. It highlights principles and processes that the user can interact with. Part of the project “Order & Chaos”.

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“114 kW” – On entering the installation, museum visitors and passers-by are exposed to the focussed radiant power from a total of 114 kW lighting energy. Illuminance of the installation is 150,000 lux. Illuminance of the sun on a sunny summer day is 100,000 lux. By Siegrun Appelt.