»Animal Tower«, 2008 by Jasmina Llobet & Luis Fernández Pons.

»The Library«, 2010 with 590 soviet books by Rossella Biscotti.


“Minimundus”, 2004 by Seppo Gründler shows four historic media works as miniatures (“TV Buddha” by Nam June Paik, “Pendulum Music” by Steve Reich, “Il Treno di John Cage” by John Cage and “Drive In Music” by Max Neuhaus).

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Gregor Schneider’s »installation at Bondi Beach«, September 2007.


„Nocturnal cage for Australian night animals” and “Cage for Galago crassicaudata” by Wesley Meuris.

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“Von Hinten” and “Geteilte Freude ist doppelter Spass” by Via Lewandowsky.


»Applied Geometry« (2004) and »The best circular bike ever made« (2003).


»Harness« (2006, A mouse cage mated with a music box. The compulsive energy of a running mouse generates Brahm’s Lullaby) and »Vacancy« (2006, altered toaster) by Robert Wechsler.


Have a look at Paul DeMarinis’ works such as Firebirds. DeMarinis uses a scientific experiment from the Victorian era, in which Chichester Bell discovered that a membrane stretched over a gas flame produces audible vibrations in the flame, resulting in a kind of “flame loudspeaker”.