»consumption junction«, 2010 by Ash Sechler.


“Gargoyle cam”, 2010 by Nicolas Ceccaldi. Plastic, camera, tripod, modeling paint.

Bildschirmfoto 2010-09-05 um 18.48.38

»The bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame.«, 2010 by Allora & Calzadilla.


“Untitled (Aleksander Rodchenko, 1928)”, 2008 by Tim Lee.

»spotlight«, 2009 by Rumiko Hagiwara.


»The Kiss«, 1999 a video by John Smith in collaboration with Ian Bourn.

“Kaiser TV”, 2008 by Fernando Bryce. Bronze (Kaiser Wilhelm II – bust), books, monitoring camera, screen, vitrine.

Still from “Surveying the american cultural habitat“, 2009 by Hayley Silverman.

“Red Psi Donkey”, 2008 by Jens Brand.

“#1(Portrait)” from “iSightExperiments”, 2009 by Chris Collins. Video.

“La Défense oder: ∞”, 2006 by Johanna Tinzl / Stefan Flunger. “La Défense oder: ∞” consists of two cameras that work as a self-referential system. Motion detectors analyse the lightness distinctions of the images that are taken by the cameras on the side opposite to each other. They react due to changes within a certain scope of the image and set that camera in motion that has observed those shifts in darkness or in lightness. Video.


“Reflecting on capture” by Anna Wignell. The medium is reduced to its constituents, to parameters like updating frequency, resolution, format. The incoming camera images obtained in the gallery itself are being processed in real-time. By being produced by three spotlights projecting red, green and blue light, equivalent to the colour system RGB, the images are being reduced to a single colour, constituting a single medium of the original complexity. The existing audio is being captured by microphones. The captured sounds most dominant frequency range is discerned and played back as sinusiodal tones. The real tone and amplitude is being reproduced synchronizing with the shift of the image.


“Remote” by Gijs van Bon.


»Focus Free«, 2005/06, installation using a modified photo camera. Reversing the photography process, the camera functions as a projection device. Projecting images for only a glimpse of a second, it takes away the primary (freezing a moment) function of the device. By Miha Presker.


“Exploding Camera” (Video) by Julien Maire.


»free fotolab« (2004-ongoing) evolves from a public campaign, offering the development of 35mm films free of charge in exchange for exclusive universal image rights.


Still from »gercegin geri donusu /the return of the real« (2005). By Phil Collins.


»TV Buddha«, 1974 by Nam June Paik.


»Untitled«, 2002. By Aida Ruilova.


“Surrounded” by Yang Zhenzhong.


Various Constructions by Peter Liversidge.

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