“Skizze Vol. 6”, 2012 by Michael Kienzer.

“Impulsive Chorus”, 2010 by Martin Soto Climent.

“Marx”, 2011 by Josephine Meckseper.

“Your country doesn’t exist”, 2004 by Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson. Collection of 35 emptied cans plus one full, with stickers in different languages.


»Trash Can Lid«, 2009 by Joel Holmberg.

»FOUNTAIN«, 2008, 8 foot tall pyramid of assorted beer cans, gold paint poured from the top outwards, tea light candles. By Brad Troemel.

»Already made 1 (cans)«, 2007 by Ivan Moudov.


»Merda d’artista«, 1961. Piero Manzoni’s ninety cans of “Artist’s shit” were sold at the then-current price of gold, each with a net weight of thirty grams.


»Polpette al grasso di Marco« (2006). After having undergone a minor liposuction, Marco Evaristti used his own fat in the preparation of a meal of meatballs.


Hektor by Jürg Lehni.


“Lux_it” by Alex Estadieu.


Waitress, Godfather, Swimmer, Agent and Cop. Works by Boo Ritson.