“Sculpture for Teenage Boys: Miller Pyramid, 13 High”, 1990 by Rob Pruitt.


“Berg”, “Meteor”, “Infinity” and “Selections from my wardrobe” by Anna Sew Hoy.


Cans” and


Sign painters enamel on cow, deer, and sheep hide; modified welded pig sculpture by Denny Rollins; NYC subway tokens, coins, and bells; modified Vestax pdx 2000 record players; modified Rane tm 56 dj mixer; brass horn; amplifier; analog vinyl record; speakers; acrylic discs; vacuum motor; hide glue; gourds; rubber tubing and rubberized cloth; brass, copper, and steel; bellows and springs; wood and paint cans. “Granny” (Drum Painting Project, Version 5.0) by David Ellis.


“Lux_it” by Alex Estadieu.