Les Six, 1968 by Tony Berlant.

»Indoor Tans«, 2011, (L’Oreal bronzer on archival pigment print on canvas) by Josh Kline.

“The Floor Scrapers”, 1875 by Gustave Caillebotte.

»Shadow Weave (Interlock, image)«, 2011, woven canvas by Tauba Auerbach.

“Correction #59 (Check Minus Check)”, 1981-2011 by Amanda Ross-Ho.

“Endymion’s Journey”, 2011 by Amalia Pica. Digital print on canvas.

“Untitled (Jokepainting)”, 2006 by Karl Holmqvist.

“Nothing 1”, 1998 by Angela de la Cruz. Oil on canvas.

25_Steven Parrino_Void Vortex, 1996

»Void Vortex«, 1996 by Steven Parrino.


»Sieve«, 2009 by Amanda Ross-Ho.


“Mountain vista”, 2010 by Donelle Woolford.


»Untitled (Binary One)«, 2005, money on canvas by Sergej Jensen.

“Egg Head and the Secret Cinema (Buoy I)”, 2007 by Lisa Williamson.

“Human Form”, 2009 by Joe Bradley.

»Muttenz«, 2005,

»Kemper«, 2004 by Renée Levi.

“To halve or not to have”, 2009 by Markus Hofer and Roman Pfeffer.

»Birdshit«, 2007 by Dan Colen.


»wild wild south«, 2008


»John Wayne’s way«, 2007 by Francisco Da Mata.

cabinets kaz oshiro.jpg

Cabinet #6, #4 and #5, 2005, acrylic on stretched canvas, by Kaz Oshiro.


»Anatomy of a Murder« set, 2007 and »Super How To from«, 2006 (a series of ready-made canvases painted to look like objects that share the same dimensions) by Roula Partheniou.

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