“Thermosphere”, 2012 by Nick Relph.

»Several Circles«, 2010 by Mark Soo.

Lutz Bacher.

»Boy«, 1999 by Michelle Lopez.

Still from “Kings of the Hill”, 2003 by Yael Bartana. Video.

»Untitled #4« 2010, from the »Burn Out series« by Andrei Koschmieder.

»Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert«, 1996-2001 by John Divola.

»CONFRONTO«, 2008 by Cinthia Marcelle.

»THE ADOBE GANG«, 2009 by Dewar & Gicquel.


“~”, 2010 by Helen Marten.


“Contributions to homeland sound topography 01 – the right sides of the road”, 2009 by Volkmar Klien.


“Untitled (Car Magazine Covers)”, 1999 by Sylvie Fleury.


SCLPTR“, 2005 by Euan Macdonald.


»Rubber Car«, 2006 by Paolo Canevari.

»KASALPUSTERLENGO«, 2006 by Marcello Maloberti.

»The World State«, 2006 by Jan Freuchen.


“Lexus”, 2009 by Eric Wesley. Printed decal on die cast model.

“The Blaster, South Africa, Invented by Charl Fourie as an Anti-Hijacking system photographed installed on a Toyota Corolla, one of the most frequently carjacked vehicles in South Africa.”, 2009 by Taryn Simon.

»LANDREFORM Carousel«, 2008, by Matthias Einhoff, Philip Horst, Markus Lohmann, Harry Sachs and Daniel Seiple. Eight BMWs drive in a slow perfect circle, “This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie is playing on their radios – remixed for an amusement ride sensation. The cars, roped together like a carousel, circle like an auto display or western wagon train. Every couple rounds the drivers systematically stopp to pick-up and drop-off spectators and riders. Just before dusk, a fire is lit inside the circle.

»www.thirtyfourparkinglots.com«, 2008 by Pascual Sisto.

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