»Flaga«, 2000 (A Fiat built in Turin, driven to Poland, and reconfigured with Polish parts)


»24 hr. Tangenziale«, 2006 (A replica of the radiator from the Bisiluro designed by Carlo Mollino and Mario Damonte for the 750cc class at the 1955 Le Mans 24 hour race, fitted to a 1986 FIAT Panda and driven 24 hours on the 28th and 29th of March 2006 around the Tangenziale, Turin)


»Tabernas Desert Run«, 2004 (The Tabernas desert in Spain is crossed on an improvised cell powered bicycle. The only waste product the vehicle produced was water, which he used to paint an illustration of a cactus.)


»Carbon«, 2003. By Simon Starling.

avril06 Kopie.jpg

The project »Full-Time«, 2006, is comprised of several parts: 1. An annual calendar listing all the public holidays day after day, throughout the world, giving the motive of celebration. 2. A presentation of 365 air tickets at the artists name, to go from place to place. 3. A cartography of the different possible routes. With this Delphine Rigaud plans to travel a route which enables her to be each day in a place where that day is a public holiday.