“Sans titre (Projection Mercator)”, 2007 by Nicolas Milhé.

»Carte du Monde Poétique«, 1968 by Marcel Broodthaers.

»Emotional Displacements«, 2008 by Milena Bonilla.

»BATHS«, 2005 by Anthony Baab.


»DC Webcam«, 2006 by Mark Skwarek.


“Ping Geography” by Cristobal Mendoza translates the current network ping times into geographical distances.


“Gaussian Strip” by Samuel N. Ortiz-Payero.


Dymaxion map of the Earth” by Buckminster Fuller.


»Never Neverland«, 2005 by Julien Discrit.


»MAP_0080«, 2004 by Deborah Ligorio.

avril06 Kopie.jpg

The project »Full-Time«, 2006, is comprised of several parts: 1. An annual calendar listing all the public holidays day after day, throughout the world, giving the motive of celebration. 2. A presentation of 365 air tickets at the artists name, to go from place to place. 3. A cartography of the different possible routes. With this Delphine Rigaud plans to travel a route which enables her to be each day in a place where that day is a public holiday.