“Chairs”, 2001 by Robert Morris. Wood, lead, audio.

“Shoe Box Sculpture 01-06”, 2011 by Matias Faldbakken. Poured concrete and paper.

“Janus (280 B.C – 2090 A.D)”, 2011 by Lloyd Corporation. Miranti, plastic flooring unit, plaster, terracotta cast with iron fillings.


“Der afrikanische Stuhl von Marcel Breuer und Gunta Stölzl aus der Anfangszeit des Bauhauses 80 Jahre verschollen geglaubt nun aufgefunden und erstmals praesentiert. (fig. IV)”, 2009 by David Lieske. Cushions, fabric, Hermes foot cast.


»Chastity Wedge«, 1954, cast 1963, by Marcel Duchamp.

»The Burghers of Calais«, (New York) 1989 by Auguste Rodin.

»The Burghers of Calais«, (London) 1911 by Auguste Rodin.

»Trophy (from The Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin)«, 2009 by Arild Tveito at Institutt for Degenerert Kunst.

»Lick and Lather«, 1993 by Janine Antoni. 14 portrait busts, cast of a model of the artist herself and mounted on look-a-like ancient classical pedestals. Seven statues were cast in white soap, and the other seven in brown chocolate, and then reshaped by the rather subjective acts which engaged her tongue passing over, and the frothing up of bubbles, fizz, effervesce…

Bronze casts of human sculptures, sculpted after three living sculpture street performers (Che Guevara, the Roman Soldier and the Dali Woman). By Christian Jankowski.


»371 Grand«, 2006 (Five cast alloy keys from Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York made using the method of key duplication deployed by the F.B.I.) by Claire Fontaine.

Picture 46.png

»Legacy« (2005) is a 21-foot-long rainbow made of cast street sweepings that emerges from a planter on MetroTech Commons in Brooklyn. The rainbow’s seven bands range in tone from brown to gray, and are flecked with color. They are cast from actual debris collected on seven consecutive days by the city’s street sweeping machines: dirt, grit, gravel, gum wrappers, bottle caps, socks, plastic combs, and whatever other litter the sweeper picked up during the course of a day. There is a small bronze beard that appears to be crawling out of the hole in the ground where the rainbow emerges. By Corin Hewitt.

img_passat_1.jpg  img_passat_4.jpg

“VW Passat C” and


“Mini Salon” – a whole room called »Mini Salon« was took of with spray colour onto a canvas. The canvas was measured to fit onto a wheel structure which is exactly the size of the space minisaloon. By Emanuel Fanslau.


“Berg”, “Meteor”, “Infinity” and “Selections from my wardrobe” by Anna Sew Hoy.

belma auto.jpg

»Wisper Of A Wehicle« by Belma Lugic.