»Copperhead #81«, 1990 by Moyra Davey.

»The Commons«, 2011 by Paul Ramírez Jonas.

»Concrete Gardens (Roman)«, 2010 by Wilfrid Almendra.


»Love Me, Love Me Not: Changed Names«, 2010, a book by Slavs and Tatars with a selection of 150 cities within the artists Eurasian remits, that were renamed throughout history.


“Glasses”, 2004 by Finnbogi Petursson.

»Versuchsreaktor (experimental reactor)«, 2009,

»Herterichstraße«, 2001 by Michael Sailstorfer.

»Work and Trade«, 2009 by William Lamson.

»Colored Vases« (Neolithic vases (5000 – 3000 BC) and acrylic) by Ai Weiwei.

»Goodnight mom, goodnight dad«, 2008 by Johan Thurfjell.

»THE RESTORATION PROJECT« is an ongoing work which started in June 2006. It examines the process of restoration as an endeavor spanning two moments in time: the production of the artwork (A) and its reception (C). By focusing on the time in between (B), the restoration itself highlights the temporality of an artwork, subtly altering its effects and changing its conditions of visibility. The first time this project was exhibited a restorer was resident in the gallery over a five-week period, working on a number of paintings carefully chosen on subjects that run through Marine Hugonniers practice. The exhibition featured a working laboratory including an easel, chair, cabinet. Viewers were invited back to the gallery to witness the project’s fruition.

»Upgrade«, 2007, (1998 Pontiac Sunfire, printed adhesive sign vinyl, plastic sheeting, foam board, plexiglas, high density foam, concrete), by Kelly Jazvac.

2.4_interference_interaction” by Michelle Teran.

“Office for Exchange of Citizenship”, 1997-1998 by Jens Haaning. The exhibition space was turned into an office crewed with a legal expert, who worked and did research on the possibilities of swapping citizenship between citizens from different countries.

»Lick and Lather«, 1993 by Janine Antoni. 14 portrait busts, cast of a model of the artist herself and mounted on look-a-like ancient classical pedestals. Seven statues were cast in white soap, and the other seven in brown chocolate, and then reshaped by the rather subjective acts which engaged her tongue passing over, and the frothing up of bubbles, fizz, effervesce…


“A silver”, 2007 by Thomas Baumann. Video.


»Temporary Allegiance«.


»In Progress« by Kim Boske.


One year in two confined spaces” by Jacob Borges.

justin beal 032.jpg

»orange chair altered first with affection and again with designs«, 2007 by Justin Beal.


Installation view of »Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive«, 2007, 3 channel video installation. Video excerpt. By Kristin Lucas.


In »Refresh«, 2007, the artist applied for and received a legally binding name change, trading Kristin Sue Lucas for Kristin Sue Lucas. Documentation includes a certified name change form, newspaper clipping, sketches from court hearings, and a transcript of a philosophical debate between the artist and the presiding judge over the perception of change.

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