Artist statement, 2012 by Lenka Clayton from Artist Residency in Motherhood.

»Carrara Snowman«, 2009 by Helmut Smits.

»THE CHARACTER«, 2011 by Candice Breitz.

»Margo’s toe«, 2011 by Wojciech Kosma.


»IS THAT A CASTLE OVER THERE?«, 2010, collage by Hydrothermal Emerald.

“Mother and Child”, 1998 by Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey. The artists use genetically manipulated grass as a photographic medium to display the portrait.

»Body Master«, 1994-1997 by Zbigniew Libera.


»Father & Son (Hooded Prisoner and Child)«, (2005) by Claire Fontaine.

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»Candy House«, 2004, is centered on the artist setting traps for children, using various lures lain in order to exploit the curiosity, eating habits, or “voluptuousness” of the prey in this case, the child. By Karen Russo.

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Diana Scherer.


David Barbarino.


Airbrush Fine Art.