“Coro Spezzato: The Future lasts one day”, 2009 by Rosa Barba.

»Live from Neverland«, 2006 by Paul Pfeiffer.

Test Signal“, 2006 by Phil Coy. “Test Signal” involves a large video projection of Colour bars (normally used by video and broadcast technicians to verify signal accuracy) accompanied by a live choir. The Choir commences by singing the sustained tone that normally accompanies the colour bars (440hz or concert A). Their voices are picked up by a microphone and translated in real time to produce the colours of the industry standard Colour Bars.

»Alfa & Omega«, 2008. Coral Terpsícore, an amateur choir from Valls, Spain, sings the Windows startup and shutdown melody in the Sant Roc chappel. The different voices were found out by hearing and were sung without scores, provoking non-intentional deviations from the original melody. By Ignacio Uriarte.


»Magical World«, 2005, 06.12 min/loop, DVD. Johanna Billing’s cover version of the original song by Sidney Barnes from 1968, performed by a group of children from an free after school music club based at a rundown 1980s cultural centre in Dubrava a suburb of Zagreb, Croatia. Listen


»You don’t love me yet«, 2003 a project by Johanna Billing.

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NASDAQ Vocal Index” – The graphs of companies listed on the NASDAQ are transformed into music. Computer software converts the graphs to sheets of music, and the scores are presented online on a projection screen. By Ola Pehrson. Video.

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»Believe« (Levitation in the Studio) 2002 and »Untitled« (Vulture in the Studio) 2002 are two of three videos taking place in João Onofre’s Lisbon studio. »Believe« pits the eternal power of magic against technology by inviting a traditional magician couple to perform a levitation in the artist’s studio. In (Vulture in the Studio) the wild animal climbs onto the tables mounted on easels that enclose the studio space, nibbling on the sheets of paper pinned to the wall as well as the books and catalogues arranged on shelves, and tries to take flight.

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In the third video »Catriona Shaw sings “Baldessari sings Lewitt” re-edit, “Like a Virgin”« 2003, a passable vocalist interprets Madonna’s famous song Like a Virgin, but with altered lyrics: excerpts from Sol Le Witt’s “Sentences on Conceptual Art” 1969, which had already been sung by John Baldessari in 1978. Accompanying the video is an extended version original video soundtrack was released. Vinyl record, edition of 20 pieces.


»Instrumental Version« 2001, features the Chamber Choir of Lisbon, performing an acappella version of “The Robots,” an old electronic favorite from Kraftwerk’s 1978 album Man Machine. Vinyl record, edition of 20 pieces. All works by João Onofre.