»Accumulation«, 1971 by Trisha Brown.

»Bend«, 2008 by Liz Magic Laser and Felicia Garcia-Rivera.

»CONFRONTO«, 2008 by Cinthia Marcelle.


“Coro Spezzato: The Future lasts one day”, 2009 by Rosa Barba.

»Dancing«, 2009 by Alexandra Bachzetsis.

»Mazurka Fogo« (excerpt) by Pina Bausch.

»Barbe Bleue« (intégrale 1 sur 12) by Pina Bausch.

»Kontakthof mit Damen und Herren ab 65« (Part 01/16) by Pina Bausch.

Extract from »The Show Must Go On« by Jérôme Bel.


Video for The Maccabees’s “Latchmere” by Hugh Frost in collaboration with Samuel Bebbington and Holly Blake.


Aircondition video & audio by Oliver Laric.