»Film Loop«, 2008 by Thomas Bayrle.

Beginning excerpt of »Plastic Jesus«, 1971 by Lazar Stojanović.


“Kinoneuenkirchen”, 2005 by Dorit Margreiter.

Bild 1

Beirut Outtakes“, 2007 by Peggy Ahwesh.

The last scene from »Offret (The Sacrifice)«, 1986 by Andrei Tarkovsky.


»90 MINUTES FROM WHERE YOU ARE NOW«, 2009, 20 minute video loop for a cinema auditorium, by Darri Lorenzen.

»Sugar Water«, 2007 by Eric Baudelaire.

“9 Ways To Say It’s Over”, 2006 by Alexander Gutke.

6_ragingbull04.jpg 6_shining.jpg

»Filmspace«, 2006-2007, is a series of stills from movies placed and montaged together to produce a new space. By Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube.

Picture 23.png

»Seduction of the Stone« (2008). Foreign subtitles extracted from »Romancing the Stone (1984, Starring Kathleen Turner
and Michael Douglas)« and translated into english using Google Translate. By Charles Broskoski.


»Bitches Brew«, 2006, 13 minute video sampled from mostly male directed movies from the 60ies to today, the video shows women who take back control and power, fight off their attackers or take revenge on their assailants. By Heidrun Holzfeind.

Picture 3.png

»LIGHT READING 1500 cinematic explosions«, 2006 by Elizabeth McAlpine . The whitest frame from 1500 different cinematic explosions has been taken and compiled together to make a minute long white flickering movie the sound track has become an agitated micro sound due to the editing process.

Picture 4.png Picture 5.png

»Quintet«, 2006; Vinyl records, record player, plywood. By Elizabeth McAlpine .

Picture 10.png

»Following the Right Hand of Janet Leigh in “Touch of Evil”«, 2006. For the duration of the film, Pierre Bismuth placed a pen, so to speak, in Janet Leigh’s right hand so that through her movements the actress produced a drawing on the screen.

Picture 5.png

Origami »Tortue«, 2003. A ready-made origami is unfolded and doesn’t reveal any trace of its creation; every object keeps nevertheless name of the thing that the corresponding origami is supposed to represent. By Pierre Bismuth.


»Battles of Troy« (2004) is a study on the internal economy of contemporary globalized cinema production, through the eyes of the lowest unit in the production hierarchy – the extras. The focus of the study is the making of the Warner Bross Motion Picture »Troy« (2004). Starting in 2003 with a budget of 185 000 000 USD, Troy is one of the most expensive productions ever made. It interprets Homer’s Illiade. The project is based on the fact that 300 people from the core »specialised« group of stunds in »Troy« are Bulgarians. The warner Bross project, executed by the British branch of the company, shot in UK, Malta and Mexico suddenly appeared to be in need of an elite group of extras that not only possessed the physical prowess necessary to convincingly stage the battle scenes, but also had a believably Mediterranean look. The perfect soldiers were recruited from the Sports Academy in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.


»A Walk in the neighbourhoods« (2007). The source for the narrative of the movie is a collection of images (3D models) taken from properties-development companies and real-estate agents presentations. The projects are part of a rapid boom in properties-development that Bulgaria witnessed in the last years. Both Projects by Krassimir Terziev.


»Remake of The Deer Hunter« (2005) by Ronny Hanson, Jonas Kjellgren and Stig Sjölund.

simulating gravity2.jpg

“Simulating Gravity” by Jesper Carlsen. Reanimated scene from the film “Space Odyssey 2001″. Video.


A poster designed with reference to colours relating to the history of Cinema by Martin Frostner.


»Artist Clothing« lightboxes designed by Martin Frostner for Lena Malm and Charlotte Enström.

wuerstelplex.jpg  wuerstelplex3.jpg  wuerstelplex4.jpg

“Würstelplex Wien” and


“Sommerloch ’05″, inside the garden of mahony’s studio, an object consisting of wooden scaffolding and approximately 90 m2 of cardboard is constructed. Works by Mahony.


Darth Vader tries to clean the Black Sea with Brita Filter.


»Learn How to Fly over a Very Large Larry«. Daniel Bozhkov created a 300-by-250-foot likeness of Larry King using a 3-by-6-foot piece of quarter-inch plywood to flatten the mixture of timothy and milkweed growing in an isolated field in central Maine.


Yogurt reinforced with human DNA. All three projects by Daniel Bozhkov.