»Nausea Games«, 2012 by Ben Wheele.

“Untitled #46”, 2010 by Matt Hinkley. Polymer clay.

»All Men Are Equal, But Some Are More Equal, Than Others (Orwell)«, 2008 by Thea Djordjadze.

»Mobile Models Ongoing«, 2011 by Andres Laracuente.

“The Judges”, 2010 by Christina Mackie.


“Live Feed”, 2007 by Erin Shirreff.

»Portrait of Robert«, 1969 by Louise Bourgeois.


»Das Ding«, 2010 by Lindsay Lawson.


From “Main d’oeuvre”, 2008 by Adam Vackar. This project was inspired by an absurd situation in the fifties under the communist regime in Czechoslovakia, where as a part of the communist utopia, workers were invited to make and teach art at the art schools. Adam Vackar invited an ordinary factory worker to make his own self-portrait in clay at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

“Flamme”, 2007 by Jan Bünnig. Fresh clay sculpture in motion.

»MiniFlux«, 2005, miniatures of over 1000 objects used and/or referenced in Fluxus musical scores, by Hayley Newman.

Shedding Skin (Perpetual current for twenty-four buckets), 2008 by Nina Canell. Mp3.

francois roche.jpg

»Robotic Process-Model«, »Hypnosis Cession«, »Urban Fragment« and other videos by François Roche.