“Untitled (Green climbing holds)”, 2012 by Oliver Payne. Climbing holds, canvas.

»Back to sarajevo after ten years«, 2002 by Ivan Civić.

“Portrait of Thomas Carlyle as a Climbing Wall”, 2007 (Proposed by Giulio Caradonna, former member of the Italian Social Movement – National Right Party) by Chris Evans. Airbrush painting.

»LA VOIE (STONEHENGE 4A+)«, 2006 by Jeremie Gindre

»10 Kilos«, 2008, »radio The Message 89,5 Mhz«, 2008, »on the wall: La voie(the way). stonehenge 4A+. Jeremie Gindre«, 2006 by Matthieu Clainchard.


“Transcoding MAK” by Markus Sulzbacher.


Surfaceaction” by Neal Beggs.

tkg_1.jpg teleklettergarten_1.jpg tkg_4.jpg

“Teleklettergarten” – The facade of the art university in Linz was converted into a climing wall with oversized keyboard keys and buttons as a input interface for a computer. The visitors who participated in Teleklettergarten passed through a trainee programm and where trained as software developers. Through physical commitment the climbers and the programmers collaboratively inputed code into an oversized programming environment. In a week-long performance the collaborators programmed codes, scripts and tools and demonstrated various software functions. A collaboration between Bitnik and the group FOK.

Keith Boadwee.jpg

“Tree hang one”, “Pinecone”, “Legline”, “Leap into the yard” and “Dirt roll one” by Keith Boadwee.

Projective Behaviour.jpg

»Projective Behaviour« and


other videos by Jonathan Ashworth.