Ballet shorts designed by Pablo Picasso in 1919.

Les Six, 1968 by Tony Berlant.

»Balaklava«, 1986 by Rosemarie Trockel.

»T-shirt, alphabet« 2009-2011, by Mekhitar Garabedian.

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»RUE VIGNON«, 2004 by Thea Djordjadze.


»I/Work«, 2002, 35 leather jackets by Asta Gröting.

»Carton II«, 2006 by Liz Magor.

»The Worker of Tomorrow«, 2009 by István Csákány.


»The Boarders at Rest«, 1971-72, collected and taxidermised birds dressed in handmade wool outfits. By Annette Messager.

“Folded Jumper Sculpture”, 2000 by Keith Farquhar.


»Paint Job«, 2004 by Susan Collis. Boiler suit and embroidery thread.

Picture 1

»Gulp«, 2009 by Ervin Wurm.

»Nomadic Mosque«, 2005 by Azra Akšamija.

»o.T./n.T.«, 2006 by Iris Kettner.

»Aktualizovaný oděv«, 1979 by Milan Knížák.

»Frontier Vest«, 2006 by Azra Akšamija.

»The Shaman Suit«, 2008, textile sculpture by Nadine Byrne.


»Rooms«, 1997 by Xavier Ribas.


“The Family Tree” by Jay Heikes.

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»Airliner Open Studio«, 2006, installation by Geoffrey Farmer.

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