“Le menuet”, 2012 by Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel.

»Regiopark«, 2012 by Lorenzo Bernet and Yannic Joray.

»Street Market«, 2000 by Todd James, Steve Powers and Barry McGee.

“I-ON”, 2011 by Ivo Dimchev. Solo with objects by Franz West. Video.

»Untitled«, 2011 by Urs Fischer & Georg Herold.

“Bananaspilt”, 2010 by Christoph Meier in collaboration with Søren Engsted.

»Architecture Reflecting in Architecture« 2010 by Thomas Julier and Cedric Eisenring.


»Burda, 1979 – 1982 (EFK)«, 2009 by Tania Theodorou and Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky.

»Paths of Glory«, 2009 by Ama Saru & Hsiao Chen.


“84 Paintings”, 2009 by Fiona MacKay, Morag Keil and Manuela Gernedel.


Welcome Mouth-Ports-Bou-Har!“, 2009 by Plastique Fantastique.

»Bend«, 2008 by Liz Magic Laser and Felicia Garcia-Rivera.


“Shelf Paintings (Pottery in October #4)”, 2009 by Dan Rees and Fredrik Værslev. Spray paint on plywood, birch shelf, brass screws, hinges, ceramic object.

»A Flight to the Land Beyond the North Pole I & II«, 2010 by Johan Eldrot and Erik Larsson.

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»HARD FLIP NOODLE«, 2010 and »PLAY-R GRIP«, 2010 from »A vs B«, a collaboration between Anne de Vries and Billy Rennekamp.


“She couldn‘t rock and roll with me and I couldn‘t avant-garde with her.”, 2009 by Constanze Schweiger and Jasmin Trabichler. Fabric, wood, mixer, amplifier, record player.


»Ne Vivre Jamais«, 2010 by David Lieske and Michaela Meise.


»Untitled«, 2007 by Amelie von Wulffen and Lucio Auri.


Installation view of “The Grid System – A Regime”, 2010 by Jess Flood-Paddock and Spartacus Chetwynd.


“Untitled (display)”, 2007 by Justin Beal in collaboration with Elad Lassry.

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