»Untitled, MAK 01«, 2012 by Krüger & Pardeller.

»Summoned Luck for Missing Numbers«, 2011 by Karen Kraven.

»Artifacts2«, 2010 by Petros Moris.

“OR”, 2006 by Fiona Banner. 23 books, cardboard box.

“The Wealth of Nations: an attempt to remove every copy from every Glasgow library”, 2010 by Katie McCain.

»Dedicated to the Unknown Artists«, 1972-76 by Susan Hiller.

»All sunset postcards available in Hawaii«, 2011 by Adrien Missika.

»Plastic Interior«, 2005 by Al Masson.

Installation “One of Each”, 1993 by Karsten Bott.

»A Room of One’s Own/A Thousand Libraries«, 2006, is a compilation of all the marginal notes made by readers in the Swedish library copies of Virginia Woolf ’s 1929 pamphlet A Room of One’s Own. By Kajsa Dahlberg.

»Neanderthal Landscape«, 2002 by Matts Leiderstam.

»On how my brazilian library feeds itself with fragments of a concrete reality«, 2008 by Carlos Garaicoa.

»leaning+tower+pisa«, 2005 by Meggan Gould.

»every…Bernd and Hilla Becher Prison type Gasholders«, 2004 by Idris Khan.


»Some Current and Former Telecommunications Centers in New York City«, 2010 by Lance Wakeling.


»Part I, Mushrooms, No. IV«, 1974, from »A large number of mushroom prints in a collection called Natural History« by Cy Twombly.

»Champions«, 2006 by Takashi Murakami.

Picture 6

»Blankets«, 2007 by Lena Inken Schaefer.


»Problem Girl«, 2001 by Damien Hirst.


»Ex libris South Africa«, 2009 by Candice Breitz.

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