»Square Millimeter of Opportunity: Cars«. An hour of video footage was dissected into individual cars and reordered by color. By Luke Lamborn.


»Cars sorted by colour« from 2004 by Helmut Smits.


On August 31, 1994 from 6am to noon, at Southwestern College’s parking lots (San Diego), a team of 50 professional and volunteer parking attendants directed the arriving cars to predetermined lots according to car color. Each of the fourteen lots was filled with cars of a different color: dark blue, blue, light metallic blue, silver & gray, black, beige, brown, metallic raspberry, yellow, electric blue, white, aqua, green and red. By Nina Katchadourian, Steven Matheson and Mark Tribe.


About 20,000 books were rearranged by their color in one night by Chris Cobb.


Installation by Matthew Haigh. See also Jacob Dahlgren.