Still from “Buster”, 2011 by Kate Gilmore. Video.

“The Others”, 2011 by Roderick Hietbrink. Oval shapes, stretch velvet, stands, moving light.

Automated Colour Field“, 2011 by Rebecca Baumann. 100 Flip-clocks, laser cut paper, batteries.

»Billboard 01«, 1991 by Gerwald Rockenschaub. Rockenschaub based his work on the modular system used by the poster company gewista, whereby each large-format poster is made up of 8–72 standard format sheets. He had these sheets printed in monochrome in seven industrial norm colours from which he made forty colourful combinations which could be independently selected on the spot by whoever was putting up the poster.

“Untitled (Dock)”, 2010 by Ezara Spangl.

“A Facility Based on Change III”, 2010 by Mika Tajima. Herman Miller Action Office I panels, canvas, acrylic, silkscreen, paper, pins, clips.

28_John Tremblay_Volvelle,2008

»Volvelle«, 2008 by John Tremblay.


“Early Work 1”, 2009 by Greg Parma Smith. Oil and mask on canvas.

Picture 5

Shoes by Ola Vasiljeva.


Colour Chart Painting: VERBALE“, 2007 by Thomas Feuerstein.

»Sydney / Berlin November«, 2009 by Jorinde Voigt.

“Plaza”, 2005 by Jim Lambie. Enamel paint and plastic bags.

“Towers 2 the sky”, 2009 by Boris Dornbusch.


»Monochrome COLOR-I-ME-TRY palettes for Cyclidrome«, 2004 by Ricci Albenda.

“Splotch #15”, 2005 by Sol LeWitt.

»Action Hack series«, 2007 by Michael Bell-Smith.

“Grounded, Egocentric, Free”, 2006 from the series “Character Studies”, 2005-06 by Constanze Schweiger.

»Jalousie / Blind«, 2007 installation by Ayse Erkmen.

»Voice And Wind«, 2009 by Haegue Yang.

»United Colors«, 2001 by Edit Oderbolz.

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