“Untitled (Painted Ceramic)”, 2011 by Ruby Neri. Earthenware, oil paint, steel with enamel paint.

»Revolution (Martini Fountain)«, 2010 by Alicia Frankovich.

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Danse Serpentine“, 1896 by Auguste and Louis Lumière and Loie Fuller.


»YELLOW MONOCHROME«, 2008 by A kills B.


“Light work nº 19″, 2007 by Carlos Coronas.


“Farm Animal Drawing Generator”, 2008 by Gebhard Sengmüller.


“Untitled”, 2009 by Adam Thompson.

»IRON MAIDEN«, 2007 by Morgane Tschiember.

»Worktable in aspic«, 2008 by Franz West.

“To halve or not to have”, 2009 by Markus Hofer and Roman Pfeffer.

»A Colour-Coding of Partch’s Ptolemy Keyboard Based on his Chromelodeon I«, (2008). Digital print applying the arbitrary colour scheme used by the American composer Harry Partch on the microtonal keyboard he constructed, called the Chromelodeon I, to his first-ever constructed instrument, the Ptolemy. The only record of the Ptolemy is a black & white photo. The colour print represents one “octave” (comprised of 41 distinct notes) of the Ptolemy keyboard as it may have appeared. The original instrument was misplaced by Partch sometime in the 1940s. By Craig Leonard.

Ping genius loci” 2006 by Aether Architecture with Bengt Sjölén.

“The Analog Color Field Computer”, 2006 by Gregory Shakar.


»Kraftwerk 2«, 2005 by Johannes Wohnseifer.


»GreenScreen (extrActor)«, 2005, is a greenscreen made of hydroponically grown grass which allows the viewers to insert themselves into virtual video backgrounds, which they can choose via remote control. By Benjamin Lee Martin.


»Yes I Can!«, 2008 by Tobias Madison.


»Court«, 2005 by Fabienne Radi and Ursula Achternkamp.

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»Iguana (Oh Yeah)« by Travis Hallenbeck.


“The air near my fingers”, 2005 by Stefan Hirsig.


»Borders and Boundaries«, 2007 is an animation made from repeating the “find edge” filter in Photoshop. By Charles Broskoski.

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