»Unearth«, 2010 by Karthik Pandian.

»Analog Column«, 2011 by Stephen Nachtigall.

“Column of steam”, 2011 by Johannes Vogl. Water, gas, ceramics, copper, steel, plastic, aluminium.

“Set”, 2011 by Alice Tippit. Oil, canvas.

»Large Column«, 2008 by Pablo Bronstein.

»HELTER SHELTER«, 2011 by Pablo Cots.

“SAMSON’S PUSH, OR NO. VI / COMPOSITION NO.II”, 2011 by Ryan Gander. Custom coloured Lack Ikea side tables. Variable according to room.

From the series “The Small Blue Gradient”, 2011 by Rachel de Joode.


»Infinite Column TV«, 2011 by Lance Wakeling.


»Untitled«, 2009 by Marlie Mul.

“Endless Column”, 2006 by Jonathan Horowitz.

“Fake Column”, 2002 by Jose Dávila. Cardboard boxes.


“Broadway” is a five-channel sound installation comprising the columns that run through the gallery space and the entire building. The five columns, transmitting subtle vibrations generated by movement on the street and subway below, are transformed into loudspeakers, each of which plays out the sounds of Broadway in its individual resonant frequency. By Jacob Kirkegaard.


»Papierwald«, 2005 and »Palm Box«, 2006 by Rindfleisch & Rapedius.

Picture 3.png

»Project For Social Housing«, 2007 by Damián Ortega.


»Low Tech/Hi-Fi«, »Rombo« and »2 Columnas« by Augusto Zanela.


To Fill The Sky. A series of seven fireworks were set off within a metal container with a glass front, the dimensions of an average television set. When played back, the usual televisual distance is shattered, and the events appear to be happening inside the television itself, perhaps even the product of the television in breakdown.


The Adjuster. The angle of each of the four main structural pillars at BloombergSPACE was altered by 1° using giant cardboard tubes. By Gaia Alessi and Richard Bradbury.