“Display for Images With Their Own Shadows at Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana”, 2010 and “Display for Images With Their Own Shadows at Metro Pictures Gallery, New York”, 2009 by David Maljković.

»Rock Mind (fog)«, 2009 by Helen Mirra.

»The Matrix«, 2010 by Kianoosh Motallebi.

»Faces contre terre«, 2010 by Guillaume Leblon.

»Mémoire«, 2006 by Sammy Baloji.

»4900 Colours (Version II)«, 2007 by Gerhard Richter.

»Monument to the Right Angle«, 2010 by Marte Johnslien.

»Untitled Books«, 2010 by Joshua Petherick.

»Portrait de groupe avec dames, le pont IV«, 2005 by Aloïs Godinat.

»Zuhandenheit«, 2008 by Zak Kitnick.

»Thyme Change Theme Park (TCTP)«, 2005-2010 by Reto Pulfer.

»Abendmahl«, 2008,

»Stelen«, 2000 by Isa Genzken.

»Untitled (Sarabhai)«, 2004 by Matti Braun.

»Speed Over Maestro«, 2010 by Roman Blumenthal.

»Untitled«, 2009 by Birgit Megerle

»Venere degli stracci (Lumpen-Venus)«, 1967 by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

»THE PENETRATED«, 2008 by Santiago Sierra.

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“FTW”, 2002 and “FTW”, 2004 by Eric Wesley.


“Untitled (display)”, 2007 by Justin Beal in collaboration with Elad Lassry.


“Der Neue Mensch”, 2010 by Per-Oskar Leu. Cast bronze, recycled sculptural parts by Arno Breker.

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