“House # 44, 13th Street, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi”, “House # 43, 13th Street, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi” and “House# 47/1, 13th Street, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi” from the series “Intercommunication Devices“, 2008 by Bani Abidi.


“Tantalum Memorial”, 2008 by Harwood, Wright, Yokokoji.

“Evolving Sonic Environment”, 2005–2007 by Haque. An architectural experiment to construct an interactive environment that builds up an internal representation of its occupants through a network of autonomous but communicative sensors.


“Untitled” by Daniel Malone.


Two unattended computers send endlessly bouncing out-of-office auto-responses to each other. “Permanent Vacation” by Cory Arcangel.


»Video as Suburban Condition«, 2007, is a compilation of videos that explores how self-publishing video websites like YouTube change how people imagine suburban places such as back yards or parking lots as settings for showing themselves to others. It was made as a contribution to the »Video as Urban Condition«.


»Untitled I (Google Sleep)«, 2005-2006, installation with photos of anonymous sleeping people. Each photo was selected from an archive of over a thousand of images of sleeping people whose photos were published on the internet and who were found by Google’s image search engine. By Martijn Hendriks.


“Whispered Art History” by Robert Filliou. Mp3.


Two pop songs, How deep is your Love by the Bee Gees and Love by John Lennon, are acoustically transmitted through 400 feet of tubing through the museum. The songs emanate from the basement’s defunct boiler unit into a tubing system which follow the existing water and electrical pipes, winding through the hallways and stairwells of the building. The songs eventually emit from a funnel which hangs in the gallery space two floors above, leaking sound at points along the route.


»Can You Hear Me?« is a functional alternative telephone. It uses PVC pipe and mirrors to make an aural and visual communication link from the second floor lobby of the Sunshine Hotel, to the street below. Passers-by on the street can call up through the tube and be heard in the Sunshine’s communal lobby area. Both projects by Julianne Swartz.