“Tantalum Memorial”, 2008 by Harwood, Wright, Yokokoji.

“The Land”, since 1998 by Rirkrit Tiravanija. The land project was initiated by Rirkrit Tiravanija and Kamin Letchaiprasert as a self-sustaining environment emerging from the artistic community.

Video “Dance of the Rebels”, 2002 by Fikret Atay.

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»M-path« is based on 300 pairs of second-hand shoes collected from the suburbs of a city, and then loaned to visitors to wear for viewing an exhibition. By Adam Chodzko.

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The Making of Utopia” video installation portrays four utopian communities in Australia: Bodhi Farm, Dharmananda, Equilibrium and Moora Moora. The video bases to narratives written collectively by community members. By Tellervo Kalleinen Oliver and Kochta-Kalleinen.


»the sound of music internet community«, 2005 taken from the series »off-line« by Kim Sanggil.


»The Danville Community Encyclopedia« is an audio/visual encyclopedia containing knowledge of Danville, Illinois residents. The content was generated through inviting people to share their knowledge with the artist, and recording their conversations. The word-for-word transcriptions of their contributions of knowledge on a wide variety of topics is what forms the text of the encyclopedia. In addition, many participants chose to create drawings to go with their entry. A hardbound copy along with a listening station, is permanently installed in the Danville Public Library. By Anna Callahan.

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A documentary about the Iranians Jewish community in Los Angeles and


“Real Dolls”, silicone dolls made in California. Both projects by Anoush Abrar.