“Work No. 1051”, 2010 by Martin Creed. Marble.

»Zuhandenheit«, 2008 by Zak Kitnick.

»Sin Titulo«, 2009 by Jorge Satorre.

»Perfect Lovers«, 2008 by Ahmet Öğüt.



“Terazzo (29B, 42 and 14C)”, 2010 by Fredrik Værslev. Spray-paint, granite effect spray on canvas.


“Series of successive instants”, 2009 by Sonia Leimer. Wooden construction, DVD, foley pits filled with concrete, brick, laminat (parquet oak), ballast, ceramics (marble), boulder, aluminium.


“The Sun”, 2003-2007 by Matts Leiderstam. Tables, books, magnifying glass, video projection, paintings and an X-ray image on a light box.

»Archivio Zarathustra«, 2008 by Paolo Chiasera.


“a.k.a. (detail)”, 2008–2009 by Roni Horn.


“Soap Sample VI”, 2000-2004 by Julian Rosefeldt.

Fabiola“, is an ongoing work by Francis Alÿs. Over the last two decades, Francis Alÿs has assembled a collection of nearly identical paintings and other reproductions of fourth-century Saint Fabiola, all based on a now-lost original painted in the nineteenth century by the French artist Jean-Jacques Henner.

»Nogales« pairs a single 35mm slide-image of the walled town of Nogales, divided along the US/Mexican border, with an audio recording of Ronald Reagan’s famous speech at the Berlin Wall, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, 2008 by Maryam Jafri.

»FEDERER VS. NADAL AND HEILIGER VS. BILL«, 2007 by Bastiaan Schevers.


»Perfect Weather (Berlin)«, 2008, by Aleksandra Domanovic.

Picture 43.png

For her project »Postcards«, 2007, Katerina Drzkova systematically collected postcards from the 1960s to the 1980s. They are never identical. The pair »Tropical Beach« differs in several details and a time shift of a few minutes is apparent. Different photographers are named at the back, a different place and time of posting, the addressee is the same.


»Refugees«, 2007. Documentary photographs of refugees digitally manipulated and colored. The refugees appear in new spaces constructed according to their wishes. By Katerina Drzkova.

45_capriitaly2 Kopie.jpg

»google earth/google images« is an ongoing project by Chris Lee.


»One Million Finnish Passports« (1995). This collection of replicas addresses the restrictive nationalism of Finland. Compared to other European nations, Finland has the lowest number of immigrants and refugees. Project realized by Alfredo Jaar.

Picture 10.png

»Art Imitates Life«, 2007. Google search frequency for “art” and “life” from 2004 to 2006 are plotted against each other on a search-volume graph where the number of searches for each term is shown in relation to the number of searches done on Google during a given time period. The two graphs synchronize a surprising amount and are generally very close in volume. At least on the web, art and life imitate each other. By Caleb Larsen.