»Mass Black Implosion (Iannis Xenakis ST/48 – 1, 240162 )«, 2007 by Marco Fusinato.

»Diatope Sketch«, 1978/1979 by Iannis Xenakis.

»Circle Circle Score«, 2007 by Kelly Nipper.


“Extended Play”, 2007 by Janek Schaefer.


»Composition No. 3«, 1963-64 by Milan Knížák. Sound link.


Drei Klavierstücke op. 11“, 2009 by Cory Arcangel.

“Stage Fight”, 2009 by Haroon Mirza in collaboration with Laura Buckley & Dave Maclean.

Photographic installations by Masao Yamamoto.

»Untitled«, 2006, by Margarete Jakschik.

»Cumulus«, 2008 by Ceal Floyer.


Harddisko” by Valentina Vuksic.


»School of Velocity«, 1995, by Rodney Graham, combines the piano exercise of the same name with Galileo’s equation of the acceleration of falling objects. The result is the piano piece progressively slowing down, with longer and longer pauses between notes. Based on a few bars of music cobbled together out of the score of Wagner’s Parsifal by Engelburt Humperdinck, Wagner’s assistant, to compensate for a problem the opera company was experiencing in synching up its music and scenery. Graham adds a progression of repetitions, whose durations are determined by the prime numbers between 3 and 47, for each of the fourteen instrumental sections that would be playing Humperdinck’s interpolation. The result is an opera that doesn’t end until the year 38,969, 364,735.


»A man with a rifle« (2000) by Jeff Wall,


»Las Meninas« (1656) by Diego Velázquez from the series »Configuration and content analysis« (2007) by Georg Schnitzer and Peter Umgeher.


“A Small Migration” by Shawn Decker.


Earth–Moon–Earth” by Katie Paterson. For “Earth–Moon–Earth, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata has been translated into morse-code and sent to the moon via E.M.E. Returning to earth‘fragmented’ by the moon’s surface, it has been re-translated into a new score, the gaps and absences becoming intervals and rests. Video.


Karlheinz Stockhausen‘s Helicopter Quartet performed by Stadler Quartet (video).


“The Invention of Public Relations”, “Optimism is a Force Multiplier ” and “The Joiner (after “Escaping Criticism”)” by Daniel Lefcourt.


Wolfgang Fuchs is working on integrating musical instruments and hardware – with mainfocus on recordplayers – into modern musical practise.


»D, E, G, A« by Aleksandra Domanovic.


Selection of various sound-artists and projects that are currently featured at this year’s Wien Modern Festival in Vienna.

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