Twilight“, 2011 by Guillaume Maraud.

“Extension of Human Sight”, 2007–2008 by Andreas Zingerle.

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»Digital Decay series« are animations of the process of continuously saving image files in lower quality formats, over hundreds of times. By Claire Evans.


» Iron Maiden’s “The Number of the Beast” compressed over and over as an mp3 666 times «. By Cory Arcangel. Listen.


»lasso/II«, 2007


»bison«, 2007 by Harm van den Dorpel.

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Video “Compression Study II” (still from digital projection) and video “Compression Study III, Superfreaks” (still from digital projection) by Paul B. Davis.


»spider web« (2007) and


»compressed video thumbnails« (11-19-06) by Travis Hallenbeck.


The picture of two trains moving in opposite directions is exposed to the continuing process of digital compression. By first importing and then exporting the material of five seconds length into the software, the information of the footage is diminished step by step until the formerly concrete image vanishes into white. “Import/Export” by Wolfgang Bittner and Florian Kindlinger.