John Cage answers 19 questions on a variety of subjets using chance operations to determine the duration of his answers. From the film ‘From zero’, by Frank Scheffer.

The Idea of a Tree“, 2008 by Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler.

Text pieces by Stefan Brüggemann.

»Poem«, march 1966 by Dan Graham. Schema for a set of poems whose component pages are specifically published as individual poems in various magazines.

»Landscape Seascape, Woman and Girafffe«, 2002 from the (CAPTURED)FUNCTION series by John Baldessari.

Five Words in a Line.

»Five Words in a Line«, 1930 by Gertrude Stein.

»lectures quotidiennes«, 2008 by Claude Closky.

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»The Back Of All The Trucks Passed While Driving From L.A. To Santa Barbara«, 1963 by John Baldessari


“Screen, cold #22” from the series “Screens, cold”, 1997/2003 by Günther Selichar.


Sunrise (untitledscroll#2)”, 2007 by Chris Collins.

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»Oil Painting Self Portraits Made In China«, 2007 by Bjørn-Kowalski Hansen.

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“Conceptual Decoration”, 2008 by Stefan Brüggemann.

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»What is Gillian Wearing?« (2005)


»The Postman’s Decision Is Final« (2006) is a small performance using the postal system. Two postcards are stuck together so that only the address sides are showing. Each side is stamped and addressed to two different people, then posted. Somewhere along the line a decision is made as to which person receives the card. By Dan Rees.


»Peter Bonde«. A letter from Danh Vo’s painting professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.


»Exhibition At My Parents Home«. An e-mail to the american sculptor Robert Gobler concearning an exhibition that Danh Vo organised in 2005 at his parents home. For this occasion Danh Vo lend works from artists that have had an crucial impact on his understanding of art and life, amongst them artist such as AA Bronson, Elmgreen and Dragset, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Henrik Olesen…


A Needle Woman and other works by Kim Sooja.


Watch Baldessari Sings LeWitt from 1972 and I Am Making Art from 1971 and more.